Pothole Repair in Shasta Lake

At EC Paving, we understand the damage that the Shasta Lake climate can cause on frequently used roads and driveways. Erosion, heavy loads, and other foreign materials also play a role in damaging asphalt driveways and parking lots. While it’s normal to have a few cracks in old pavement, potholes should be patched early to avoid accelerated deterioration. If not quickly attended to, elements such as water flow can cause even more damage.

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Assessing Your Pothole Repair

To decide on the best methods and materials needed to fix your pothole, our paving contractors need to assess it. We use top-of-the-line equipment to measure the dimensions of the pothole and determine the cause of it. After this, we’ll be able to give you more information regarding the necessary repairs and estimate the cost and timeline of the project.

We have our clients’ best interests in mind when we make recommendations for our services. This is one of the reasons why we carry out an initial no-obligation assessment before we start any work. If you’ve been repairing and patching potholes more and more frequently, we may even suggest other— more cost-effective— solutions that could be more permanent such as resurfacing or even repaving. Call us today for your no-obligation assessment and consultation.

Our Pothole Repair Services

The first phase of our reparation services after our professional evaluation is to remove the debris in the pothole. We then remove any protruding jagged pieces of asphalt that may obstruct our repair process. After this, we use our several proven methods to fill in any cracks and patch up the hole. Some of the materials we use are clay, crushed gravel, and sand with a special bonding agent. Following the patching and compacting of the pothole, we’ll make sure to seal it properly for a seamless and smooth transition to the surrounding pavement.

We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the quick and efficient result of our patching service. Not only will it become less hazardous for vehicles and pedestrians to use your pavement, but we also guarantee that it will be able to withstand further damaging elements for years.

Trust EC Paving for Pothole Repairs That Last

We’ve invested in modern technology and equipment to carry out all types of expertly backed pothole repair methods. Our carefully monitored results prove that several variables can affect the potholes adhesion to repairs such as:

  • Heavy traffic
  • Weather
  • Groundwater
  • Foundation
  • Materials

Luckily, we’ve been able to develop specific formulas that will ensure that our repairs will last. Trust the team with the experience and industry knowledge to fix your potholes for good. Trust EC Paving.

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Our dedication to offering and delivering the best pavement repair solutions, coupled with our high standard of customer service, has earned us an unsurpassable reputation. Our wide range of pothole repair techniques has made us a highly sought after contractor. Take advantage of our services and contact us today.

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