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EC Paving’s experience and passion for paving make us your number one choice for all of your paving projects. We offer services such as paving, sub-grade repairs, resurfacing, maintenance, and more.

To us, paving isn’t just a service, it is a craft that we’ve perfected. We take pride in the execution, quality, and durability of every single one of our projects.

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EC Paving: The Best Paving Contractor in the Area

We’ve worked hard to gain our reputation as hard-working and efficient pavers and work equally as hard to protect our name. We’ve invested time into training and fully equipping our team members with the knowledge necessary to uphold and surpass our standards. We’ve been able to constantly deliver our paving services effectively by starting with an in-depth analysis from the ground up to decide on the right course of action.

Get an Assessment for Our Paving Services

After we’ve carried out all our methods of assessment, we develop a paving solution plan that works with you, your timeframe, and your budget. We do this by doing the following:

  • Surveying the ground
  • Monitoring the vehicle and foot traffic
  • Tracking weather patterns
  • Testing the sub-grade
  • Identifying cracks, potholes, and onset distress
  • Finding and troubleshooting problem areas

Our Paving Procedure

Whether we are doing a small repair or a large repaving job, we follow similar procedures to execute our services more effectively. We test and prepare all our equipment making sure that it is in optimal condition to avoid any delays in our schedule. If there are technical issues or an unforeseen issue, our team members work extra hard to make up for lost time to finish the job as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Our quick-thinking and hard work ethic are some of the main reasons why we’ve been such a success.

Our Paving Contractors Guarantee Quality

We inspect every step of the job even after we’ve finished ensuring that it meets the highest standard possible. Doing so allows us to provide you with a continuously dependable pavement surface for years to come. We’ll even be able to teach you to identify signs that your pavement may need maintenance, sealcoating, or repaving so you can get in touch with us years down the road before any cracks or potholes cause widespread damage.

Some clear indications that you should call us include:

  • Your pavement is no longer level and you can visibly see and feel large bumps on the surface.
  • There are large puddles of water on your asphalt that are not quickly draining.
  • There are cracks and potholes.
  • Debris and rubble have developed around tapering.
  • The color has become dull and faded.
  • There is little traction.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your pavement, it’s already time to call in our team of expert paving contractors.

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